Backpack Type Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device ( HPS )
  • Product features
  • Configuration parameter

    I. Brief Introduction

    1. Backpack design, portable design and traction design.

    2. Able to extinguish the fire continuously and to switch between the long range spray head and short range spray head.

    2. Able to extinguish the initial fire, especially applicable for the crowded places such as town, community, mall and so on and able to be equipped to the security patrol vehicles to realize the integrating of patrol and fire extinguishing.

    III. Features:

    1. Consuming 1% water used by the traditional fire-fighting water gun with 200 to 300 times more efficient, able to replace the water spraying gun, foam and dry powder.

    2. With applying the high-strength and wear-resistance rubber hose, able to work under 500 ℃ for 30 min. The rubber hose is 2000 m horizontally and 1000 m vertically.

    3. Have the water supply by means of fire fighting vehicle, municipal pipe network, industrial water, domestic water, water tank or natural water resource, ensuring the strong ability of continuous fire extinguishing.

    4. Focused on the spill fire and chemical engineering fire, apply the water mist hardening agent to improve the fire extinguishing efficiency and the ability to prevent the after combustion.

    II. Main Performance Parameters



    Pressure (MPa)  


    Flow (L/min)   


    Range (m)   


    Power (P)      


    Service Temperature (℃)  

    - 55

    Water Tank Volume (L)    


    Gross Weight of the Equipment (Kg)


    Overall Dimension (mm)


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